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03 / 03 / 2023

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Lift Off (album)

Jazz, Electronica, Fusion

Following the release of their last album Laïka’s Take Off', Minimal Orchestra explores a new sense of weightlessness with 'Lift Off', an earthly resonance to their first project. After venturing between space and cosmos, the duo turned quintet offers a more grounded album. Reaction to an initial vibration, a kind of sound disturbance that spreads on the surface of the water, this new opus undulates on future jazz accents.

From floating to deep diving, these tracks shimmer warmly and reflect as many musical influences as friends who joined the adventure. A dozen tracks at the crossroads of jazz, electronica and jungle, for a journey with sophisticated electronic and organic textures, with a resolutely luminous writing. Like 'Piccolo and Bells', which honors the organ, a new instrument for the group, a sort of wink to Mount Kimbie. Emblematic references for 'Flued', too, a more progressive pop track, where we find the influence of a Radiohead or a Boards of Canada.
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