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KOÏÏ (France)

Whispers behind a closed door... Who has never been tempted to eavesdrop?


KOÏÏ is an invitation to transgress the secret. By letting you hear the confidences between her, a singer on the edge of her skin, and him, a beatmaker with a fluid touch. Buried desires, bruised hearts and dark thoughts... Feelings so deeply intimate that admitting them seems inconceivable, while they will consume from within as long as we keep quiet about them. In need of expression, KOÏÏ confides in us. States of mind of which we will have the echo, if we choose to lend an indiscrete ear.


She, expresses herself through characters who come to life on the thread of the melodies, like dancing shadows on her faceted voice. Characteristic and disparate, they disturb but charm us. They confess and lie to us. Their omnipresent choirs accompany her. Sometimes friends, sometimes enemies.


He, draws the outline of an intimate landscape, using sounds as a palette of grains and textures. A soft effervescence, mirror of a wavering ‘outside’, drawing its inspiration from the eclecticism of the world.


We, form an implicit trio, intimately linked by the secret. A sharing of vulnerabilities and unavowable flaws, so that the masks fall even if only for a moment, the flesh in the raw, in all authenticity. Like a tasty chaos mimicking with accuracy the complexity of human nature.


It is by a suave journey of meaning mixing independence and complementarity, that KOÏÏ plays on the fragile balance of the tension of opposites.


Let’s listen... no one will know.


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