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EP (digital)

20 / 10 / 2023

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Confidence (EP)

Nusoul, Alternative R&B

Because there are all those thoughts that seem too intimate to be revealed. That we prefer to keep quiet, often from the people we love. That we prefer to bury deep inside us, even if it means that they end up blackening us. And yet, sometimes all it takes is a chance meeting.

Between two people. Why not on a bench, in a park. A place or another, where can happen this rare moment where we grant our confidence, where we reveal ourselves to the other freely. It is so much easier to confess the unmentionable to someone we don’t know, thinking maybe we won’t see each other again.

And from these confidences, an exchange is born. That of a singer and a producer, protected - they hope - from prying eyes. By feeding on their states of mind, the passionate duo evolves and draws, in parallel to a blossoming human relationship, the outlines of a musical project. A sort of Yin and Yang between nu-soul and alternative R&B, where passion, pain, pleasure and anguish are illustrated with sincerity....

Confidence (EP)KOÏÏ
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