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Single (digital) 

12 / 10 / 2023 

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Cosmic Chill (single)

Nusoul, Alternative R&B

I need so much to clear my mind right now, to have nothing to think about. Just being there, observing. If only we could go to the other side of the world, of the universe even... How can I tell her that I would like her to come with me?

‘Cosmic Chill’ is the relaxation of total improvisation. Soaring melody, floating voice.

A moment where the confidences leave place to the plenitude. K. makes us embark here on a real spaceship, the time of a track.

On the program of the journey? A vaporous synthesizer and full of reverb, a rhythmic inspired by the drill and a feeling of immensity.

Cosmic Chill (single)KOÏÏ
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