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Single (digital)

23 / 06 / 2023

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Sakura (single)

Nu soul, Alternative R&B

Find my place in this story for two. Feeling myself gradually losing my footing in a relationship that is suffocating me. How can I take a step back, find a balance, when our story has been running at full speed since it began? Does the problem come from me? To give her one last chance by taking the time, it is finally lost in advance...

‘Sakura’ is the contrast. The contrast between the assumed depth of the 808, and the chords melodies with an almost aerial sound-design. Between, also, the heavy lyrics of a character who loses her footing in her relationship spinning at too high a speed and the timbre of the voice that expresses itself, smooth and slow. In harmony with her inner quest: slow down, breathe, take time.

‘Sakura’ is the contrast between the need for rootedness but also the need for freedom of movement. A junction between earth and sky, a bit like a tree and the trap rhythm of its sap, which would circulate from the roots to the highest of its branches, marrying the loun...

Sakura (single)KOÏÏ
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