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EP (digital)

17 / 02 /2022

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South of Hell (EP)

Drill, Grime, Rap

Ghost is post-lockdown PTSD music.
« We’ve been living in our heads, often alone, battling inner demons, disassociated conversations ringing in our heads, getting high and drunk, like ghosts aimlessly haunting the spaces we inhabit. Ghost captures these feelings through a blurrypsychedelic haze. » Human Waste
The unsettling music film for ‘Ghost,’ directed by Wendy Fredriksson, takes a journey into the headspace of lonely characters living in a dispassionate, off-kilter world. The sensual attraction of the unhinged mental landscapes found in isolation seeps into the disconnection between the strangers that inhabit the film, which is set in a hollowed-out hotel where faceless characters present a disturbing flair for the mundane.
The film opens in a deceptively familiar urban setting. We then follow Dada Shiva and find Human Wa$te and POTT$ very much alive in the decaying disarray, while spoOky appears with the disarming presence of an apparition staring us down via an old TV.
We are l...

South of Hell (EP)A$CII DAGGER
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