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A$CII DAGGER (South Africa)

Based primarily in Cape Town, South Africa, but signed to I.O.T. Records in Marseille, France, A$CII DAGGER is the new project risen from the ashes of notorious Cape Town-based hardcore punk noise-rap menaces, DOOKOOM. The band remains the same; production and vocals by Human Waste, live visual production by spo0ky, and POTT$ on drums. But now the original crew is joined by rapper, Dada Shiva, who brings fresh new attitude and energy.  


A$CII DAGGER’s sound is a progression from DOOKOOM, with a more polished aesthetic featuring distorted electric guitars and heavy, trap, drill and grime-influenced beats. The band really comes alive in the performance context. The live show is an experience in every sense of the word, a wildly transcendent immersive assault to every sense, that transports any venue into a frenzied sonic temple. It’s a wild ride not for the fainthearted, but Dada Shiva brings a charismatic, sophisticated lyrical presence that creates balance and makes the experience more accessibile, while still retaining an abrasive edge. 


Many bands talk about being 'genre-defying', but A$CII DAGGER truly don't fit comfortably in any box. They occupy a space between many variants of rap, grime, and bass music, but with the energy and aggression of punk. The name A$CII DAGGER references a standardised character set for computers and electronic devices (modern universal communication), and an editorial symbol used for corrective deletions of invalid reconstructions (calling out bullshit). The dagger also symbolises courage in combat.

Human Waste has produced music for many of South Africa's most prominent rappers including Pro Kid (RIP) and Ben Sharpa (RIP), as well as Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Wordsworth and Southern rap legend, David Banner. Spo0ky is a veteran visual producer with countless tours over many years creating powerful, hypnotic experiences. POTT$ on drums adds ferocious energy to the pandemonium.




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