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Single and video clip (digital)

14 / 01 / 2022

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Pedestal (single)


Following her album 'Anima Mysterium', which was immediately acclaimed by the purists of the genre and not only, Yugen Blakrok's unique style has brought more and more flattering requests.

Among other things: a passage to the famous COLORS studios, a collaboration with the great master of French trip hop Wax Tailor, and an original creation for the most anticipated video game of the decade, 'Cyberpunk 2077'.

The two years of touring 'Mysterium Tour', punctuated by mythical stages such as the Fusion Festival (GER), the Hip Hop Kemp (CZ) or the Nyege Nyege Festival (UG), ended last November with a final act at the 'London Jazz Festival' where she opened for Amadou and Mariam.

Yugen Blakrok releases, today, her next single and video clip. 'Pedestal' is a questioning of concepts, idols, of what makes civilization. Yugen Blakrok breaks the foundations of the mind, to leave for the quest of the self. A final message before retreating back into the mist to write her next album.

Pedestal (single)YUGEN BLAKROK
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