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Album (CD, digital)

10 / 29 / 2008

Expedisound Mongolia - Various artists

World music, electronic

The second opus in the series turns to the distant lands of Mongolia where, during the year 2006, a trip organized by the "Watch Your Back" Association took during six months, a team of about 12 people the lands of Ghengis Khan to attend the summer camp Orphanage state Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia's capital.

Music and traditional songs with groups Nomadics Winds and Altai Khangai, through the songs of the orphanage, various conversations and atmospheres during the national Naadam festival, sounds from the Mongolian landscapes and wildlife were thus categorized and listed then returned to France to compose this eclectic sound bank.

The main traditional instruments mingle with the famous throat singing practiced in Mongolia.

This 6-month trip that took us from Marseille to UB, through immense Russia was also filmed from beginning to end by Laurent Lemonnier.

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Following the album Mongolia Expedisound, new opus in the series Expedisound, spearhead of the label, the vinyl version will introduce you to new and new edicts of the album of the same name.
3 pieces oriented Dub Step, Step Break orchestrated by Atomik Dog (US), Crystal Distortion (UK) and Loan (FR).
Limited edition, screen-printed  (sold out).


Otherwise, the object is just as beautiful as the sound it hosts. DJs, collectors, lovers of sound, take the time to listen to this new passage on the land of Genghis Khan.


EP (vinyl)

February 2010


Since the release of Mongolia Expedisound in 2006, Switch Creative Network invited the french label I.O.T Records to present the project Expedisound in Florence, Italie.

In 2008, was the time of Mongolia Expedisound, followed by China Expedisound four years later. In both occasions, a remix contest was proposed to the local producers based on the soundbanks collected during the two trips. 

Mongolia Remix Contest.jpg

The aim of the contest, like the one of Expedisound Albums series, was in fact to rework the samples and create atmospheres that would invite the listener to a musical trip. For each contest, 5 tracks has been selected that you will be now able to download and share!

A huge thanks to all producers participating, to to Switch Creative and Fabbrica Europa for providing the opportunity to present the project in Italy and to all the ones that keep on supporting the project.

"Thanks to Lapo Grossi for mastering and Leonard Politi to make it happen!"

Special thanks to the Jury : Andrea Mi, Stefano Gaz, Antonio Ardiccioni , Leonard Politi, Cyberskum

Released : october 15, 2013


Album (digital)

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