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Minimal Orchestra (France)

Insatiable explorers of urban, wild and tender poetry, influenced by the artists of the label Sonar Collectiv, Hidden Orchestra or Yussef Dayes, Minimal Orchestra claims an original, hybrid jazz label, flirting with the frontiers of electronic music, more precisely of the English jungle.

The group has just hatched in its new form. The former duo, formed by Tom Terrien (machines/keyboards) and Pierre-Jean Trouette (double bass/bass), is joined by Thomas Koenig on saxophone/flute, Nicolas Algans on trumpet and Florent Hortal on guitar. This quintet enriches the original line-up with elaborate compositions, rich in changing rhythms and universes that dance alongside psychedelic and dreamy, bewitching and catchy sounds.

Their previous album, 'Laïka's Take Off' is a musical exploration of the space journey of the eponymous dog who was, in 1957, the first living being to go into space. A hybrid jazz set

in orbit around jungle and electronica, which sounds like a weightless freestyle, fearfully well organized.

In the fall of 2022, Minimal Orchestra returns with the album 'Lift Off', an earthly echo of the previous project. A call to free oneself from the ambient heaviness of these last years, to reveal, on stage, the richness of a repertoire whose strength lies in sharing and improvisation. 'Laïka's Take Off' was played by two, 'Lift Off' will be played by five. Minimal Orchestra is only by name.

They will be back on stage next year, in 2023, for their first tour and will be accompanied by the label I.O.T Records. This new group merges genres: from structures to melodies, always more alive, and always more free.

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