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Over the years but above all through encounters, I.O.T Records has built a multiple aesthetic geared towards a simple objective: decompartmentalizing genres and sound boundaries, to refocus music around the human experience.
Thus, we wanted to pay tribute to these artists who have, at a given time, collectively in this collective adventure which is ours, but also theirs. Arok, Babylon Joke, Cyberskum, Feudjay, Midi Link, Pongoïd, Tetaar Wednesday ... so many names which still today ricochet with force between the walls of our Marseilles offices.
Miles swallowed up on the roads of the Expedisound Series, which led our All Stars from the expanses of Mongolian plains to the harshness of African sand, the teams of IOT Records have a vivid memory, which will have been to affirm our intention to produce music respectful of these collective values.
Thus, the artists are succinctly here are, each in their own way, inseparable from the foundations on was called built our label. While some of them contributed to the Kontakt series (whose last opus was released in 2017, 15 years after the release of the first copy), others went to 4 parts of the world, in China, Indonesia , Mongolia ... in order to lay the foundations for an adventure which today has not yet aged.
We therefore wanted to recognize that we have supported the development of the label since the early hours, while reaffirming their status: that of All Stars from I.O.T Records.

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