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Fenshu (France)

“Musician, graphic designer, creator interactives installations… Multifaceted, he feels as confortable with coding as with Pure Data or playing guitar. 

Sonic chameleon. He released his first vinyl in 1998 in the duo Mentats Corps with techno and hardcore influences (MST, Tekablok, Omnivore…) counting a dozen of tracks engraved in the wax.

Then he crossed Macross’ path and give birth to electro productions with syncopated breaks thanks to the outstanding label Psychorock.
His various but cutting-edge influences (Aphex Twin, Autechre, Chris Clark, Nine Inch Nails, Nathan Fake, Mu, Ben Forst, Steve Reich, Philip Glass…) marks the turning point to a more digital universe where sweet organic melodies encounter the numeric coldness of destructured beats.

In 2006, he settles down in England, Brighton and works for Warp as graphic and web designer. He releases  ‘Leftover Extensions’ on Wrong Music and Imp Records.

After a discographic breather between 2008 and 2015, he releases two new albums in 2015 and 2017 : “Trees” and “Helix”. In the meantime, he comes across I.O.T Records path and produced a track on ‘China Expedisound’ compilation where traditional Yunan music encounter his noisy but so melodic work.




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