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[IOT 066]

EP (digital)

10 / 28 / 2018

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Strange Paths (EP)

IDM, Bass music, Electronica

Since her very first release in 1997 under her Sub-Radar label, LOAN as « an explorer of musical genres » never really stopped roaming the french electronic scene. Initiated into Techno, she quickly became fond of syncopated beats, which led her to a subtile mix of Hiphop, Post-Dubstep and Dub-sounding ambient music… Over the course of time, LOAN has devoted herself to a meticulous research on structures and sound materials. 

Getting rid of the superfluous to keep the essential only… Her essential : a dark depth shrouding the listener,  but one which gets brighter with every playback.

Strange Paths is directed to the soul more than the body. Although it would naturally find its place on a dance floor once confided into the expert hands of a DJ. 

This EP is a pure contraction of the three previous projects that LOAN released under I.O.T Records. A « future dubcore tribal » with numerous sonorous contradictions, but which connects in a perfect symbiosis as a whole. The percussions, om...

Strange Paths (EP)LOAN
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