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Single (digital)

16 / 06 / 2023

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Night in Palmtree (single)

Downtempo, Ambient, Experimental

Opening the portal into Azu Tiwaline’s Fifth Dream comes 'Night in Palm Tree', a dance beneath the rhythm of the astral metronome’s enticing sway.

A breathtaking gaze into the abyss, bringing to mind the calm one can feel under bewitching nightfall & the embrace of moonlit glow, 'Night in Palm Tree' features recordings made from Azu’s deeply inspiring home in Tunisia, as well as additional collaboration from Iranian percussionist Cinna Peyghamy.

The synthesis between Azu & Cinna’s rhythmic & tonal sensibilities paints an enveloping picture of elegant mystery, spirited collaboration, & the inherent beauty surrounding our beings & relationship with the natural world around us.

Night in Palmtree (single)AZU TIWALINE
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