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[IDIOT 08]

EP (digital)

05 / 23 / 2011

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MC Slicing (EP)


Electronic, Glitch

The Marseilles duo, among the all too rare representatives of a French glitch hop scene that is in its infancy...set down their suitcase on I.O.T Records for their first original production. Our two accomplices, Miosine and C.kel have been in full swing for a few months now, following some successful and noticed remixes (Missil , Tambour Battant, Nasser) continue their sound experimentations with this digital EP that will speak to your head and legs.

The two tracks of this "MC SLICING" show a style specific to the Marseilles combo...the sharp alteration of the vocal samples supported by a meticulous and precise sound treatment allows us to see a mastery in the sound decomposition without the groove and the surprise being neglected.

As its name suggests, MC Slicing takes a clever pleasure in cutting the voices and rearranging them in a well-ordered chaos, to make them sing an unstoppable melody on a background of huge claps and bass. Algeria 25 adds a sharp sense of melody, carried by...

MC Slicing (EP)MC2
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