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EP (digital)

03 / 31 / 2017

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Laïka's Take Off Remixes (EP)


Abstract Hip-hop, Jazz, Bass music, IDM

Only few months after the release of their album "Laïka's Take Off", Minimal Orchestra asked two artists of their record label, Al'Tarba and Loan, to read into their works letting their imagination run wild through their musical universe.
Challenge met with great success on "Laïka's Take Off" song remixed by Loan, on which she instilled her well-known expertise ; bass music with dub/techno hints mixed with more and more distinctive cinematic atmospheres that wrap up Minimal Orchestra's jazzy electronica with a soft veil of organic and textured sounds, pushing further the encounter of human and machine...
As for Al'Tarba, staying true to his Abstract Hip Hop origines, he offers one more earthling interpretation of the song "Baïkonour", inviting the audience in his singular urban and cinematographic musical world. Building on the subtile soaring of Minimal Orchestra theme, he carries the listeners with reserve in a melancolic land, with an open reference to Taxi Driver.
No doubt th...

Laïka's Take Off Remixes (EP)LOAN & AL'TARBA
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