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Single (digital)


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Confusion remix (single)

Abstract Hip-Hop / Trip-Hop

French producer Lil Fish, with his ability to transform raw material into masterpieces, drew inspiration from the cinematic originality of KOÏÏ’s original version to reinvent Confusion.
He weaves a sonic tapestry where the boundaries between chaos and clarity blur. This reimagining is a true maelstrom, where emotions intertwine and overlap, evoking the deep confusion that inhabits each of us at one time or another.

Lil Fish captures the essence of this emotion, transforming it into a powerful creative force. By doubling the tempo of the drums and exploring unexpected sonic textures, he leads us through a musical labyrinth where each intersection reveals a new facet of this complex feeling. Within the twists and turns of this remix, we find echoes of the original version, this time interpreted with renewed intensity, drawing inspi- ration from the authentic sounds of trip-hop and abstract hip-hop. The enchanting voice of the singer adds a poignant sensitivity to every moment, evoking t...

Confusion remix (single)LIL FISH
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