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[IDIOT 01]

Album (digital, CD)

09 / 14 / 2007

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Iotonomicon (album)


Hip-hop, Breakbeat, Electro

The label's new opus is a compilation that brings together some of the label's musical influences. Eclecticism is the key word of this album with sounds as diverse as hip hop, break beat or electro ...

This diversity of genres is essential for I.O.T who does not wish to lock itself up in a particular or elitist style without moving away or denying its original source which is electronic music. The main thread of this album can be likened to the musical evolution of an evening with a progressive rise in rhythm and intensity. Thus two distinct chapters appear.

The first one is resolutely oriented towards rather warm and enchanting sounds, whatever the tempo used. The second "chapter" makes us discover a darker, more metallic side of the label's music, sometimes also faster ...

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