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[IOTCD 05]

Album (vinyl, CD, digital)

06 / 05 / 2008

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Follow The Loser (album)


Punk, metal, electro

Moshpit, a trio from Montpellier, France, who are addicted to saturated guitars and insane screams, sign on the very dangerous New York label, Industrial Strength... Arrested several times (Young Talent Award 2005 of the international music video festival WE KILLED JAH, and Découverte Printemps de Bourges 2006), suspected of having spread panic in several festivals (Astropolis, Ososphere, Qwartz Awards 2006, Reperkusound, StateX Form in Holland, alongside Aphex Twix . ...) and firmly sponsored by the deleterious Lenny Dee, this quadrille of criminals (machines, vocals, guitar and video jockey) sought by all the bpm fonts, would prepare a new crime ...
Code Name: FOLLOW THE LOSER. Date of operation: 7 May 2008.
Format: cd digipack album of 12 foldable pages, signed Niark, reference graffiti artist, with an inflated compartment.
First ambition of this dreaded first opus: to break the established rules, pulverize the rock / electronic music cleavages and regurgitate all the master inf...

Follow The Loser (album)MOSHPIT
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