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[IOT 04]

Album (digital)

03 / 20 / 2010

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Elektron(s) Remix


Hip-hop, Electro

"EleKtronS" is AbraxXxas's second solo album and for this second opus, he decided to vary the pleasures, inviting no less than 15 composers, all from the French electronic scene, the avowed goal being to offer a record where raw rap merges with electronic music.
Dubstep, electronica, Drum and Bass, Electro, Techno... So many influences naturally find their place in this hip-hop record, proving if need be that all the frontiers between electronic design music are thin and illusory.
As for the vocal guests, in addition to Mr Moon, already present on the previous LP "Bête curieuse", we will find Nikk'Furie from La Caution, Papifredo, and Dutchouse, mc from New York. Scratches will also be in the spotlight on several tracks, performed by the three djs H2C, and Morgomix. As for the lyrics, the album takes shape between urban chronicles, pointed egotrips, social themes and fictional stories, all executed with the verve and the taste of the writing proper to AbraxXxas.

Elektron(s) RemixABRAXXXAS
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