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[IDIOT 07]

EP (digital)

10 / 22 / 2010

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Subjectless Awareness (EP)


Electronic, Downtempo

Circus Of Mind is the psychedelic music project of Brian Kelch, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. His master's degree in Philosophy, Cosmology and Applied Mathematics of Consciousness from the California Institute of Consciousness strongly influenced him in his musical compositions.

Circus of mind thus takes you into a geometric maze of sound...where whole numbers rub shoulders with sine waves and envelopes it music where notes and octaves replace cells and atoms?

At the limits of sound an electronic shaman who uses and abuses his knowledge of the impact of sounds on our mind, Circus of mind transports us in his world, but do not be mistaken these intentions are good, for proof, listen then feel!

"Inspired by the ineffable spaces between thought and conception of the beyond, the music of "Circus of mind" is an auditory technology that both schematizes and produces the veiled contours of the mind. The constantly changing sound architecture fr...

Subjectless Awareness (EP)CIRCUS OF MIND
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