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[IOT 19]

EP (digital, vinyl)

01 / 02 / 2011

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Caterva Goes West (EP)


Bass music

After having travelled North and South, CATERVA continues its quest for the 4 cardinal points with I.O.T Records, through a third EP exploring this time the western magnetism of bass music: "CATERVA GOES WEST" ...

For this eponymous track, they join forces with BLAKE WORRELL (Puppetmastaz) to remind us that influences come from all directions, and move away from their usual dubstep and kuduro to venture into more glitchy west coast hop at 98 BPM, without losing the freshness of the wobbles and leads that have made the trademark of the Strasbourg producer duo.

TURNSTEAK arrive more than timely to remix this new expedition, and transform the original into a future hip hop combo tinted with 8bits sonorities, cutting and rearranging voices and samples at their convenience with disconcerting ease.

Caterva Goes West (EP)CATERVA
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