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[IOT 20]

EP (digital, vinyle)

07 / 03 / 2011

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Caterva Goes Down South (EP)


Bass music

"Strasbourg and the north-east of France have been at the forefront of the dubstep / grime scene since the emergence of these styles in France, and Caterva have had something to do with it. Managing to unite a varied audience with their heavy basses and impeccable rhythms, they make Europe dance, from the most posh clubs to the most underground free parties, from the biggest festivals to the lively bars of the Alsatian confines.
After a detour through Kiosk and Jarring FX, here they are back on I.O.T. with a release once again co-produced by Probe1.

After the release of the first Ep "Caterva Goes Up North" on I.O.T.Records, the French dubstep band continues their "Points Cardinaux" series by releasing the South version of their Bass Music.
Accompanied by the Franco-Uruguayan MC MC BAAL, they offer us "SALTA!" a track on the frenzied rhythm of Kuduro (Angola), which has been making dancefloors jumble for a while, but it's a track that will make you want! as well as his dubs...

Caterva Goes Down South (EP)CATERVA
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