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[IOT 070]

EP (digital)

06 / 07 / 2019

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Basquiat (EP)

Techno, IDM, Minimalisme

Sicarius Hahni was born and raised in Brindisi, an old italian sea town known as the "East Door" for its maritime connection to eastern world. Despite his cultural roots, as a child he was attracted to electronic sounds, overwhelmed at eight when he heard the Kraftwerk for the first time. Growing up, he followed industrial band like Coil, Clock DVA and Psychic TV, but also space music like Tangerine Dreams.
Sicarius Hahni started playing synthesizer. A model he built himself as he was student of electronics. During studies he approached the writing, directed to science-fiction and futuristic themes. He often considered his musical compositions as the soundtracks of the stories he wrote.
In the early 90s, with the advent of techno and IDM, he opened the doors of the paradise: from brain electronics of Aphex Twin, going through the tired techno of Tresor, finishing to the minimalist electronics of Panasonic and Ryoji Ikeda. Finally electronic music became a wonder that came in the ea...

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