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Album (vinyle, CD, digital)

02 / 01 / 2019

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Anima Mysterium (album)


The group is composed of Yugen Blakrok, one of the too rare MC from South Africa, and Kanif the Jhatmaster in the composition. This new album released in 2019, 'Anima Mysterium', is the group's second album after 'Return of the Astro-Goth', released in 2013. Five years have passed and allowed the group to play all over Europe and to impose themselves on the South African scene.
After a first meeting with the label two years ago during an evening organized in Marseille, the discussions continued to finally lead to the signing of the group on the label.
In the meantime, Yugen Blakrok found herself propelled to a greater media level following her featured remark on the soundtrack of the latest hit film from Marvel Studio: 'Black Panther'.
It is therefore surrounded by more than positive reviews by media such as Billboard or Rolling Stone magazine, which considers his appearance alongside Kendrick Lamar as the culmination of the soundtrack, that the group makes you discover its new a...

Anima Mysterium (album)YUGEN BLAKROK
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