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Mounika. (France)

It's been ten years now since Mounika. draws his own musical landscapes. Ten years, during which he has refined the trajectory of his electronic music, its textures and its message. Ten years which have allowed him to spread, like wildfire, his luminous productions in the ears of a growing public.


More assertive than ever, the French producer has indeed tasted, since his first releases in the privacy of his SoundCloud community, international recognition with tracks like ‘Cut My Hair’ (diamond single, 2017) or ‘Tender Love’ (gold single, 2020), while continuing to explore with passion the smallest corners of electronic music that inspires him so much. Influenced by artists such as Moby, Air or Bonobo, all it took was a piano and a music creation software for our world, to meet his. For several years, the producer has been defying genres to achieve a clever mix of trip-hop, lofi and samples taken from the Internet or from his favorite movies, which finally made him blossom in the French and international electronic scene.


His last album, ‘I Need Space’, had propelled him among the revelations of media such as the BBC, KCRW, FIP or W9, supported by his track ‘Tender Love’ which integrated the Top 5 Shazam France in December 2020. A first unexpected consecration for Mounika., who will also embark next April alongside the composer Wax Tailor for a tour of a dozen dates across France, in which he will provide an opening act that is already bewitching...

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