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Album (CD, digital)

03 / 24 / 2011

Indonesia Expedisound - Various artists

World music, electronic

BAGUS SEKALI MUSIC is the first Expedisound Special issue.
Due to its special format, this UFO digital only available online addresses unpublished audiovisual experiences in Expedisound series. It is the sharing of experiences Tetaar Wednesday, who has made several trips to Bali, and Cyberskum who spent several months in Indonesia for the filming of a documentary on the leading seven of the largest islands of this archipelago.
The source and the result we offer here have been around 2005, some alterations on the overall sound of the pieces were made without altering the initial design.
The imminent arrival of China Expedisound motivated us to come out hard drives this whole Indonesia Expedisound off series, which was never released ....
Selamat Jalan !! [Bon Voyage]

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