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Album (CD, digital)

11 / 13 / 2014

Echoes Expedisound - Various artists

World music, electronic

The annex project "Expedisound Echoes" aims to free distribution of musical works performed around the sample banks reduced by Label Iotrecords during his various trips (Mongolia, Africa, China, Indonesia ....).
The goal is to create a free trade area between the musicians (whatever their musical influences, experience and mastery of production tools), the public and the Expedisound project.
This is a real satisfaction for the studio to see that this soundbank is used by many aspiring musicians or confirmed. We wish to share with the public all the songs that we receive, the testimony of a strong faith and a real interest in this project.
Unlike outputs "official" no selection criterion with the proposed style is the quality and originality of the works received that matter. It is a kind of echo, an extension to the work presented by the label that resonates to your ears.
We hope to regularly add new titles: producing your machines!
Of course, all Soundbanks remains available on the pages of each album.

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