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Montaigne once wrote, ‘We must reserve a back shop all of our own, entirely free, a place in which to establish our real liberty’.


This could be a definition of the realms created by pianist, producer and composer CCTemple, who works from the sanctuary of his own machine and an application filled laboratory yet who also establishes a ‘real liberty’ of sonic and compositional ’invention. This is where his pseudonym takes on its full meaning : ‘CC’ for Control Change, digital/computerised terms by definition; and ‘TEMPLE’ for the strategic hearth where creative alchemy is developed, meditated upon and distilled.


With a wealth of collaborations, productions and other sonic experiences, this musician has lived through the vitality of Rock and the whirlwind of Jazz just as much as the written complexities of contemporary music. Yet it is through the prism of electronic music that today, he presents his works and expresses himself by drawing upon his past influences.


Since the age of twelve, CCTemple has been creating small pieces of music in his bedroom, using machines borrowed from his father and it is only quite late in life that he discovered the piano refocusing all his attention on this instrument, like many a committed auto-didact. He has not let go since, playing the keyboard in various formations (jazz, funk, electro-jazz, indie pop…) still using his instrument to access fresh sources of knowledge as well as ever-growing inspiration.


With the help of I.O.T Records, he has decided to release his first solo album - the quintessence of his melodic and sonic experiments, the fruit of intense research on the sensitive implications of new methods of digital expression.

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