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Album (CD, vinyle, digital)

01 / 01 / 2004

African Expedisound - Various artists

World music, electronic

First reference of the label, this musical project is the one that led to the creation of IOT Records as a structure. This is also the first of the Opus Expedisound series. This album comes after a 6-month trip orchestrated by several Sound System in West Africa.

Discover, meet, exchange and compare the cultures and music time for a long journey...  this was the leit motiv starting this ten travelers.

One of the goals of this trip : to bring the maximum of records to feed future productions of the label. Thing was done, and the soundtrack was divided and distributed to the musicians who did not participate in the trip. The result is 15 songs, composed as so many roads within the same idea.
Audio CD 15 tracks + 3 tracks with a vinyl compilation.

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