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Album (CD, digital)

05 / 06 / 2009

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Grigri Breakers vol. 1 (album)

Hip-hop, Bass music, Dub

Loan's first album, integrating five titles with MC's from the Dakar hip hop scene, as well as collaborations with artists from the French electronic scene.
"Grigri Breakers" is a cornerstone of the rich journey, initiated in 1998, of this activist, accustomed to meetings and trips which she transposes into a hybrid and demanding sound, composed of furiously subtle breaks and deep bass, with dubstep coloring but tattooed by the fiercest breakbeat and the most deviant hip hop.  
The highlight of this state of mind is the five titles recorded between 2003 and 2004 in Dakar, Senegal. Going on an adventure, Loan brings back amazing tracks with the best of the local hip hop scene: Da Brains, Taf’Taf by Noni None, Black G by Raktaksquad, Tafa by the group Sikki Sakka and finally the singular voice of Nono.
On "Grigri Breakers", Africa thus crosses the path of some sure values of the French electronic scene. Rimshot, half of Interlope, is thus present, as is the immense Pushy !, Monsieu...

Grigri Breakers vol. 1 (album)LOAN
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