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Since 2004, we've been developing our expertise, broadening the scope of our activities from record producer to show producer and publisher. As a result, privileged relationships have been forged with the artists we promote, and our comprehensive support enables us to cover a large part of their career development.


Over the years, our expertise of the professional environment and the rules in force has been honed, and we have come to realize that many artists are not familiar with these practices. These practices can sometimes leave ethics and humanity aside, to make way for profit and interests that are far removed from those of the artist.


Over time, this support has become increasingly important. In view of the numerous requests from other artists, we decided to formalize this profession, and create a management department within the label. Sometimes, the artists we work with are offered other projects by other structures: naturally, they turn to us with questions related to these side projects. This mark of trust touches us and reassures us of the quality of our support, and we can never thank them enough.


To this day, the label supports in-house artists for projects not released by us, as well as other musicians, to help them develop their careers.

Manager: Aymeric Genty
Azu Tiwaline, Kanif the Jhatmaster, Phatt, SupaChill, Yeahman/Orsso, Yugen Blakrok 

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