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Founded in 1998 in the heart of the vibrant city of Marseille, I.O.T Records cultivates independent musical expression. Its name derives from the MIDI language (in, out, thru), symbolizing the constant flow of creativity that characterizes the very essence of the label. Guided by a resolutely committed artistic line, I.O.T brings together a diverse gallery of artists, uniting talents from all over the world. This approach is reflected in the diversity of musical genres the label passionately embraces. From mystical hip-hop to electronic experimentation, soul and jazz fusion, I.O.T Records is committed to representing an eclectic and innovative palette of sounds.

Within this musical constellation, we discover artists who light up the sound spectrum with their distinctive works. These include Al'Tarba, the abstract producer and composer of intense urban landscapes, and Mounika, the lo-fi beatmaker whose soft, rocking sounds have won over a wide audience. Yugen Blakrok, the South African lyricist witch, adds a political and spiritual dimension to her hip-hop music, while the quintet Minimal Orchestra fuses jazz and electronica to create captivating compositions. Cape Flats underground band Dookoom reinvents itself with the A$CII DAGGER project, while producer Azu Tiwaline fashions unique sound worlds that invite a contemplative and transcendental experience, drawing on the mysteries and rituals of the Saharan dunes. CCTemple, for his part, works in the sanctuary of his electronica and synthwave laboratory, with its multiple machines and applications, forging a real freedom of invention and sonic and compositional intention. Lastly, KOÏÏ offers an intimate, spellbinding experience, blending vocals and beatmaking in a musical narrative somewhere between neo-soul and alternative rnb.


The I.O.T Records imprint can also be seen in the Expedisound initiatives, projects led by label members around the world. These musical explorations at the confluence of Sound Conspiracy, Real World, and even quasi-ethnographic recording approaches, have taken the musical utopia with its machines, samplers, recorders and guitars on the road. From the lands of West Africa to Ulan Bator, via the depths of Chinese Yunnan, these journeys have resulted in unprecedented marriages between traditional and ancestral cultures, stories and music, with the libertarian ideals of the technophile world of travelers.

Since its genesis, I.O.T Records has embodied much more than just a record label: it's a complete structure, defying convention and fully committed to a philosophy of inventive exploration, with no musical boundaries. In 2014, the label broadened its horizons beyond production, opening up to publishing activities and forming a catalog of over 500 works with off-the-beaten-track aesthetics. The idea is to offer comprehensive support to artists, maximizing the distribution of their works and opportunities for collaboration, particularly in the field of music to image. Accompaniment is indeed a cornerstone in the label's range of activities, offering comprehensive support and follow-up for artists, right through to management.


I.O.T Records has its place in the ever-changing rhythmic panorama of France. Today, with a team of five, the label continues to push the boundaries, encourage experimentation and celebrate the diversity of musical expression.



Manager : Aymeric Genty -
In charge of production and marketing: Benjamin Da Silva -
Administrator: Noé Tourneux -
In charge of communication and press relations: Fanny -

Music rights and publishing: Radja Bert-Gauthier -

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