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I.O.T Records is a record company without dependence. Here, there is no pop subsidiary, techno sub-division or a specialized hip hop branch. No sublabel, after all. What difference does it make? Almost everything, in truth.
Coherence of the catalogue, integrity and indifference to trends... Aymeric, founder of the independent label, is blocking and holding the line. An artistic line initiated in 1998 with the release of a first vinyl, on the ashes of the free party : 'in terms of graphic design, values, work ethics, I.O.T. Records owes a beautiful part of its genome to the free party scene' confides Aymeric. 'In fact, I.O.T. Records was originally set up for DJs. Now we've got a wider production field.'

I.O.T is the home of the very cinematic beatmaker Al' Tarba, for example. Composer of intense urban landscapes, the abstract producer amazes with the richness of his samples. At his side, Loan, an ultra-prolix multidisciplinary artist who, between albums, featurings, remixes, short dance films and music for films, has chosen not to choose.

Also evolving at the label, the new project born from the ashes of the notorious and controversial Dookoom, an all-star horrorcore hip-hop band led by Isaac Mutant, a legendary figure of the Cape Flats underground. The original trio of Human Waste on production and vocals, POTT$ on drums, and spo0ky on visual identity are now joined by multi-faceted rapper and lyrical talent Dada Shiva, to seal the dagger and form the fourth dimension A$CII DAGGER

There is Lil Fish who navigates between happy indie melancholy and dub with ethnic subtleties, but also Yugen Blakrok, South African lyricist witch, committed to a political and spiritual hip-hop, known for her quasi mystical flow and her incarnated stage performances. Let's not forget Sicarius Hahni and his minimalist techno/IDM, DEL+Amp Live and their offbeat funk/hip-hop or Fenshu, a sound chameleon of the electronic spectrum.

The arrival on the label of the quintet Minimal Orchestra allows I.O.T Records to open up to jazz sounds, fused with almost junglist electronica: 'it is this eclecticism that defines us today. Variations that blur the tracks of our audience but that find all their coherence in terms of exchanges and sharing.'

As a full member of the I.O.T family, we also count Azu Tiwaline, polyrhythmic and downtempo producer of an organic and raw sound, where the distant echo of trance rituals resounds. From an equally dreamlike universe and a completely different register, the independent record company also counts Mounika., a lo-fi beatmaker with soft and rocking sounds, who already has a gold and a diamond single behind him. 


'Impossible for us to lock ourselves in an aesthetic, or formats. Producing one-shot digital EPs flanked by buzz remixes, with two-week lifespans intended for social networks, no thanks.'
On the contrary, I.O.T Records focuses on long term album projects, thanks to which the label spreads out beyond its borders and deploys a dense universe. This is the case with the Expedisound projects, sound crossings of a part of the label's members abroad, in search of traditional music as well as new visual experiences.

At the crossroads of the Sound Conspiracy adventure, Real World, or quasi-ethnographic field recording attempts, the little musical utopia Expedisound has dragged its machines, samplers, recorders and guitars to West Africa, to Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian capital, or to the depths of Chinese Yunnan, for an improbable engagement between Naxis mythology, an ethnic minority of Yunnan, and the libertarian ideals of techno travelers.
And if I.O.T. Records could embody this utopian sound? A pocket-sized, autonomous electronic Internationale, camped somewhere between the fundamentals of Hakim Bey, the thickness of a Warp, flanked by the love of vinyl in the manner of Stones Throw... A record company that could hold its audience in suspense and would play a key role in the French rhythmic landscape, and beyond.

What's next? It will be composed, as usual, with several hands. And it will explore, again and again, new horizons and sound landscapes.

I.O.T Records


Manager: Aymeric Genty -
Production and marketing: Benjamin Da Silva -
Administration: Noé Tourneux -
Communication and press relations: Charlotte Gabriel -

Music rights: Radja Bert-Gauthier -

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