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Single (digital)

15 / 09  / 2023

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Long Hypnosis (single)

Techno, Dub, Ambient

Living up to its name, “Long Hypnosis” (the 3rd single from Azu Tiwaline’s “Fifth Dream’’ LP) highlights her unique sonic intersection with the more mesmerizing ends of techno & the time dilating properties of dubwise sonics, accessing a space of shared liminality between introspective atmospherics, enveloping low-end, & an infectiously bustling rhythmic exoskeleton not unlike the wobbling, minimalistic grooves of her contemporaries amongst the iconic Freerotation music festival. Always manifesting a propulsion of forward momentum, she shifts the focus to move further inwards & conjures these varying elements of her sound with immense grace - embodying a deft maneuverability between quaking dancefloor kinetics & captivating, metaphysical unknowns.

Long Hypnosis (single)AZU TIWALINE
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