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EP (Vinyl/Digital)

26 /03 / 2021

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Draw Me a Silence (Remix EP)

Dub, Bass, Techno

"Nothing happens overnight. Behind every emergence, there’s years of work, thought and preparation - both intentional and unconscious - that’s gone unseen.

So the past year might have been a ‘breakout’ year for Azu Tiwaline, but it was really built over two decades of experimentation, soul-searching - both creative and personal - and exploration. “A new name for a new spirit” as she likes to say, but with an unmistakable identity rooted in her history and ancestry.

On her debut album as Azu Tiwaline, Draw Me A Silence, a record released in two parts with her family at I.O.T. , she fused together two halves of her own heritage, inspired by a new home in the desert. Personal history collided with family heritage: half step rhythms from a career in bass music met the warm winds and wide open silence of El Djerid in Tunisia.

This year, she’ll continue her itinerant wanderings, starting with a remix EP for Draw Me A Silence, with Flore, Laksa and Don’t DJ - a Lyon-Bristol-Berlin trifecta...

Draw Me a Silence (Remix EP)AZU TIWALINE
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