EP (vinyl, digital)

07 / 08 / 2013

Moth (EP)

Neuro-hop, Bass music

Over the years, french duo Flatmate have established themselves as key players of the bass music scene. Starting in 2006, their sleek and intelligent dubstep production style allowed them to release on Peace Off, Ruff, and Airflex Labs. A few years later, constantly refining their sound and pushing genre boundaries, they found international recognition with releases on Screwloose Records, Caliber Music and Adapted Records.

Today, we’re very excited to present their next output on 333 Series, in the form of this monstruous 100 BPM two-tracker. MOTH is a highly contrasted steamroller with precise attention paid to bass distortions, reminding at times the flight of a giant night butterfly, while SAURUS takes great care of the dancefloor with syncopated beats leaving just about the right amount of space for otherworldly textures.

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