Album (CD)

15 / 02 / 2006

Bête Curieuse (album)

Hip-hop, Electro

Escorted by the efficient squad of Mc's friends (Moon ex-BDSF, Futé, Mamdoo ex-Kontre Coorant,AMS,Nitro from Enhancer) and supported by Stax from Officine and Odeny from AMS for the instrumentals, Gabe/Abraxas at the microphone persists and signs. 
A perfectionist lyricist, he delivers here, through fictional or sadly urban chronicles, an incisive and often fatalistic vision of a world adrift. His, yours, ours. From child exploitation to criminality, through standardization, globalization or environmental destruction, his pen sharpened like a blade finishes to slice with dexterity our last prejudices, our last aborted illusions. 
With a darkly realistic tendency, the album paints a vitriolic portrait of the Man of today, while advocating open-mindedness and a certain ethic for better tomorrows.

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