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Sicarius Hahni was born and raised in Brindisi, an old italian sea town known as the "East Door" for its maritime connection to eastern world. Despite his cultural roots, as a child he was attracted to electronic sounds, overwhelmed at eight when he heard the Kraftwerk for the first time. Growing up, he followed industrial band like Coil, Clock DVA and Psychic TV, but also space music like Tangerine Dreams.


Sicarius Hahni started playing synthesizer. A model he built himself as he was student of electronics. During studies he approached the writing, directed to science-fiction and futuristic themes. He often considered his musical compositions as the soundtracks of the stories he wrote.

In the early 90s, with the advent of techno and IDM, he opened the doors of the paradise: from brain electronics of Aphex Twin, going through the tired techno of Tresor, finishing to the minimalist electronics of Panasonic and Ryoji Ikeda. Finally electronic music became a wonder that came in the ears of all the people.


His broadcasting activity starts at Studio 100, a radio very focused to electronic music, where with a group of friends they provided news and released from this musical scene. In those years Sicarius Hahni started collecting analog instruments and composing his modular synthesizer. His compositions were greatly influenced by the music he was listening at that time: Autechre, Biosphere, Orb, Boards of Canada, Surgeon, Richie Hawtin.

His passion for narrative was aligned with the musical experiences. Some of his stories win national competitions and with "Non c'è tempo per il sole" he starts a challenging and visionary novel, inspired by Burroghs novels and David Lynch's films. Some years ago he decided to set up an electronic music project that would explore the ambient lands, a drone music with hinted rhythmic, or which merge them into the textures. He gave him the name of Fonemi and made several Eps and one album.

For now, a few months ago he published a new novel, "I tre volti di Ecate", a dark and tight noir. In the same time, an idea of a new musical project was born…


Sicarius Hahni, comes from the name of a powerful and venomous spider, able to stay hidden and camouflaged for days while waiting for the prey. The sound of this new project is less oriented to ambient music and characterized by a rhythm in foreground without leaving the textures he loves.




Basquiat is a work that follows this idea. The track that gives its name to the EP, Basquiat, is an introspective piece cadenced by dreamlike melodies, where percussions merge with hypnotic and electronic sequences. Even Atto Minoritario is concepted with the same mood, but the rhythmic part is more present and near to techno music. In Quasi Tardi and Pelle 3 instead the tribal percussions are prevalent, and they drag the tracks in a weird mantra with a primordial and mystical flavor.

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Basquiat EP

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