In Space Time Album

hip-hop / bass music / electronica

limited edition vinyle + digital

6 may 2015

Maverick of the musical scene, Loan has been running several projects lately in both music, dance and video. She is now launching  a brand new global  artistic project entitled "In Space Time" ;  including  an  album  and  a  short  film  presented  as "quagma".

Loan  takes  us  for  a  spin in a time space where hers electro sounds merge  with  the pest  flow  of  Grime, the  energy of  Krump  and the influences of Bass music. Clear  and  deep  basses  define a  vast  space, where  the dark and heavy atmosphere is punctuated by cinematic accents. Bridge between the real  and the unreal, the album draws its  musical identity to confines of science fiction, a kind of waking dream guided by a   stubborn  groove.Loan's  music finds its essence in the elements that  surround  the urban  environment  and  mysterious  where  every corner reveals a singular musicality, orchestrated sensitivity.

As  for guests, up to the devastating flow Juice Aleem and Bang On !, to  musicians Clozee  and  Guillaume  Perret,  and new collaboration with Earl Blaize and Hprizm (Antipop Consortium). The album was produced and mixed with Dume "Otisto 23", producer, musician  and  director,  one of the two halves of Fly (with Laurent de Wilde).

In Space Time is a flawless trip, after which you will be transported  for sure  in  the own  universe  to  the  sound of  Loan,  another dimension where creativity never ceases to renew itself.

Teaser audio
Short-film "quagma"

Passionate  about  dance,  and  constantly  thinking  about  his  relationship   with music, Loan feeds images and movements, gestures and silence, to compose a musical universe in line with her artistic imagination. She calls for the new video project the famous hip hop dance company RAF Crew and dancer / choreographer  Kaori  Ito in this new artistic exploration. The result of this meeting "quagma" a short film in 3 episodes directed by poqpoq prod. (Loan / Jeremy Frey).

Synopsis : A dark and disturbing mind seems to take possession of some dancers ... A brutal energy confronts expression and freedom of the body.... what is this force?


12 minutes immersed in distinct and captivating atmospheres, Tinted an urban and wild atmosphere where jerky gestures of the body is reflected in the electric sounds of Loan’s productions. Each episode refers to hip hop dance styles and different universes : first episode is a meeting between abstrakt side of  this discipline and contemporary dance ;  the 2nd episode mainly addresses the Krump, and the 3rd dance hip hop in all its variants (break, krump, abstrakt, poppin ....) Thus,  each  of  these  dancers brings  his  own experience, style and expertise that create synergy in this creation "quagma".  they  crossbreed, structure, deconstruct, explore,  share and  interpret  their  dance  with a quality of movement, musicality and stunning aesthetics. Tracks from quagma's original soundtrack are extracted from the album "In Space Time".

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Limited vinyle edition

vinyle gray with splash, silver ink printing on paper sirio 300g + download card - including 125 ex  limited numbered, poster with offset


Artwork : Charlotte Cochelin Fataccy

Layout : Ugo Adikt

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