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I.O.T Records is a recording company without subdivisions. No Pop sub label here! No Techno or Hip hop specialist division.


I.O.T Records does not have sub label. What difference does that make? Well, to be honest, a whole lot!


Catalog consistency and integrity which means desinterest in trends… Established as an independent label, Aymeric the founder, knows what the company stands for and will hold the line.


An artistic path initiated in 1998 when the first record was released in the aftermath of free party movement: “as far as graphics, values and work ethic is concerned, most of I.O.T Records core essence comes from the Free Party movement” Aymeric confides. “Actually the label was conceived as a resource for DJ’s but since then we have expanded our field of production.”


For instance with the highly cinematic beat maker Al’ Tarba. Composer of intense urban landscapes, producer Abstract has a pinpoint accuracy with an astounding richness of samples.


Equally along with astonishing Loan, ultra prolific artist whose work ranges from albums, featurings, remixes, dancing short films to movies soundtracks has chosen not to choose.


The arrival of the duo Minimal Orchestra at the label has allowed I.O.T Records to open up to the sounds of electronic influenced jazz. A quirky jazz at the meeting point between Jungle and bold and unpredictable improvisations.


“This eclectismis what defines us nowadays. This variety might throw our audience off balance initially but they are completely coherentin terms of exchanges and sharing.”


In 2013, I.O.T Record vinyl company signed DOOKOOM from South Africa. A Horrorcore Hip-Hop all-star band, lead by Isaac Mutant, legendary figure from the underground of Cape Flats, the producer Human Waste, better known as D-Planet (Pioneer Unit Records, Ben Sharpa etc) as well as visual producer SpoOky, well known by the Jarring Effects team in Lyon.


Finally, the last one to have passed the door of the I.O.T cabin, Lil Fish, navigates between false melancholy, ethnic subtleties and urban beat making.


“We are just not going to box ourselves into an esthetic. Or into formats. Producing one-shot maxi digitals together with buzzy remixes, with a two weeks life expectancy, designed just for social media, no way!”


What we are interested in is long term album projects that allow the label to push the boundaries and to unfold a thick universe


In particular that’s the case with Expedisound projects, a project where some of the label’s artists encounter trance music and new visual experiences abroad.


In a sort of cross between Sound Conspiracy’s adventure, Real World and Field Recordings in quasi ethnographic experiments, Expedisounds set out on a little utopian musical adventure along with their machines, samplers, recording equipment and guitars to West Africa, to Oulan Bator, the Mongolian capital, or deep within Chinese Yunnan, for an improbable tie up between the mythology of the Naxis – a ethnic minority in Yunnan - and the tekno travellers’ ideals of freedom.


And just imagine, maybe, that I.O.T Records is precisely the incarnation of this utopia of sounds? An autonomous, electronic and pocket-size International, situated somewhere between the principles of Hakim Bey, the substance of a Warp and propelled by a love of vinyl in the style of Stones Throw…


Such a label would hold its audience spellbound and would have a key role in the rythmic landscape of France. And beyond.

Maxis (vinyle, digital)

iot, kontakt, 333 series, frame runned, expedisound lp, floot tide, klub, ncounterz, etc....



Al'Tarba, Loan, Dookoom, Minimal Orchestra, Moshpit, Underkontrol, Abraxxxas, Del The Funky Homosapien + Amp Live, Yugen Blakrok



Expedisound Series (China, Indonesia, Mongolia, African), IOTONOMICON, Remix Expedisound contest etc....


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