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French label founded in 1998 in Marseille, I.O.T. Records defend vinyl format with passion since our first releases ! Year after year, this persecution has led us to specialize in this format especially via the pressing collector size with attention and special packaging. From this experience was born an activity that enables us to offer our services for the realization of your cd and specially your vinyl, encompassing the spectrum of manufacturing as a whole; or mastering, the cut and the achievement of the object to be manufactured.



Why a label offers this press service ?


First Point : Independence. At the time of producing records is no longer enough to survive as a business, various options are available to structures. The obvious to stay in the game is diversity: Editor, booker, service providers and expertise ....
For a small structure that can not afford a large team, difficult to implement. Multiply tasks without altering the quality of work and without additional person is impossible : the result, production and support of artists would suffer the consequences ... The other solution is to operate even more expertise and achievements, one by sharing her own experiences instead of booking them to its own structure, and of course offer them to others who have the same needs.


Some records we've made : (click on image for more details)

Loan - In Space Time Album

333 series - Uzul

Price examples :


*Vinyle or Cd specific master : 40 €/ track (not included in the global amount) - Album pack = 450  HT (+10 tracks)

For specific supports, colors, or layers (offset/handmade craft....) and mastering (vinyle or cd), please contact us.


Black Vinyl Standard

12'', 33T


150 copies minimum

Start from 999 € HT

Black Vinyl Standard

12'', 33T


300 copies minimum

Start from 1.152 € HT

Double Black Vinyl Standard

12'', 33T


300 copies minimum

Start from 2.672 € HT


Promo CD

5 copies minimum

100 ex : 140 € HT


250 copies minimum

Start from 390 € HT


250 copies minimum

Start from 420 € HT

We also pay close attention to working with structures that care about their ecological footprint : In the meantime,

- Association with an eco-labeled printer Imprim'vert

- Use of a lead-free compound (compound) that meets the current ecological requirements.

- Recycling & transformation of surplus materials into derivatives.

- Objective of obtaining the "Origine France Garantie" label


Our Team :


Aymeric Genty - founder of I.O.T records

Founder of the label I.O.T. Records (1998), Aymeric Genty has always been an avid vinyl and a strong supporter of this support.
Seeking to always favor this format, and already to his credit more than fifty references under the label (vinyl, CDs, digital, albums, EP, compilations), it now puts all its experience and know-how services for small structures, independent labels, looking to grow via the production of a single physical medium, delivered in a quality packaging (screen printed bags, offset printing ...).
Interlocutor in your future endeavors, it will help identify needs and resources can be made available for your project, with equity and quality concerns.


Dominique "Dume"Poutet aka Otisto 23


Classically trained pianist, Dominique Poutet - aka Otisto 23 - is co-founder and artistic director of DTC Records. Discreet, he is placed in the margins of the usual circuit and always favors the research and career development of artists who have marked and will mark his path. His rich experience of electro-instrumental fusion has led him to conduct multiple projects disks as a director, producer, sound engineer, arranger etc., in France and abroad. Producer touches everything, but mostly expert with vast experience, he is also applied for jazz projects (Laurent de Wilde, Guillaume Perret and the Epic Electric, Laurent Robin, Gael Horellou, Cosmic Connection, NHX, K'ptn Planet, Géraldine Laurent, Minimal Orchestra ...), electro (Loan, Mekanik Kantatik the Expedisound series label ...), hip-hop (Abraxxxas, Dookoom, Under Kontrol ...), rock ( Dandy Freaks, Zong ...) and world music (Ti Fock Lo Griyo, Hos Ayas, Sam Karpienia ...)
2012 and 2013 saw the Dume's labor awarded 2 nominations "Victoires du Jazz" (Revelation of the year 2012 for Guillaume Perret and Album of the Year 2013 for Laurent de Wilde), and 2 Albums the year for "The World", "Liberation", "Jazz Mag"

Thus, we have decided to offer OUR services to YOUR vinyl and cd records. The goal is that you can benefit from competitive rates, while allowing us to continue our activity producer and music broadcaster. This is our real asset that can distinguish us from many sites that offer the same service.

We work with the artisans of the music, just like us. At each step, mix, pre-mastering, cut, press, graphic design of the cover if necessary ... Beyond that, we are also talking of a support, a media : vinyl. Favorite medium of the label, by its particularity to restore a sound we like : warm, vibrant ... without getting any in a physical / digital battle : both have their advantages, their temporal particularity and represent two distinct but complementary ways of approaching music. Even the process of listening and methodology around them are the opposite.

Our first vinyle was pressed in 1998, we have never abandoned since this support. This allows us to state that we know today vinyl, we tested different ways to do different processes and believe that there is not a clean, determined formula. It's just the music itself and by which it is brought that defines how it should be done and completed.

Our preferences: Limited items, such as 300 copies, requiring specific pockets of work [screen printing, offset printing etc ...]

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FLY Laurent de Wilde & Otisto23

Vinyle quadri 300 exemplaires avec carte download inclus Graphisme : Virginie // Amo // Biondi