Future Exposed

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21 dec 2007


Three years of work and coordination between all stakeholders in this project have been needed to complete this project. The basic idea is that the 16 tracks on the album are to represent the atmosphere of the different chapters of the comic. IOT records so you take in 2070. Embark Hecaton, Titanic city and divided into two levels that all separate. Discover the fauna of the new Babylon and ridges know the twin brothers Ethan and Demian, Respectively gangster and high flying Hacker.

"Jump in the Millennium, be aware of the mission, and join the revolution "

Megalopolis on two floors where extremes coexist, hackers, drug control, holograms, various disorders, street Surgeons fourguant their implants, dictatorship and revolutionary movements ... "Future Exposed" typical cyberpunk universe unfolds in pictures (BD achieved Samuel Verstraete ) and sounds (with its grouping compiles the cream of the alternative electro-break french, rap, mutant tekno ...).

Nice idea from the Marseilles label IOT records that associate a comic and soundtrack for a dark and futuristic trip in under obvious political text.

It is not about just tracks "inspired." All the artists involved have worked hand in hand. In the end the pieces are history and back into a coherent whole. For the musical setting we note the presence, among other excellent Pushy!, The rapper Abraxas and Trolls.

Loudbox.fr (David)


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BD + CD audio + digital

Vinyle + digital

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