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Del The Funky Homosapien and Amp Live have teamed for Gate 13. The full-length collaborative album pairs the Hieroglyphics veteran and Grammy nominee with the Zion I and Unified Highway co-founder. After working together during Amp’s authorized Radiohead remix project, these friends from their Oakland days embark on 15 tracks that fuse Hip-Hop, Funk, EDM, and more, with guests including Goapele and Eligh. As they explore their overlapping chemistry and challenging music to a new place, this album may be another portal into something progressive, futuristic, and fun.


Del The Funky Homosapien et Amp Live, tout deux originaire d’Oakland se réunissent pour « Gate 13 » . Ce nouvel album associe donc le vétéran du crew hiéroglyphique et le nominé aux Grammy awards cofondateur de Zion I et d’Unified Highway. Après une première collaboration sur le remix officiel de Radiohead produit par Amplive, ces deux amis qui se sont rencontrés lorsqu’ils habitaient à Oakland nous embarquent sur 15 morceaux ou fusionnent le Hip-Hop le Funk et l’EDM (entre autre), avec des invités comprenant notamment Goapele et Eligh. Entre les deux artistes la stimulante collaboration élabore une chimie musicale qui tente d’explorer de nouvelle voie, cet album se veut être un nouveau portail vers une musique progressiste, futuriste et fun.

In 2018, rapper Del The Funky Homosapien and producer Amp Live are on guard at Gate 13. The new album marks the first full-length collaboration between the acclaimed Hieroglyphics MC and co-founder of Zion I and Unified Highway, respectively. The 15-track LP finds both highly respected creatives stepping out of their zones and redecorating the sound and substance. “13 represents bad luck. Basically, we’re the baddest out. This is a gateway to how we do,” Del says of the title’s significance. Using the unlucky number may seem ominous to an album, but the duo embraces the choice as a reflection of its artistic courage. Songs like “Gravy Train” and “Sit Ya Ass Down” bask in the pair’s Hip-Hop foundation. Meanwhile while Funk, retro R&B-Pop, and Electro manifest nicely into moments such as “Chili Sauce” and “Run Free.”


Previously, Amp and Del had worked together on two meaningful occasions. The veteran, Grammy-nominated MC guested on Zion I’s 2005 “What U Hear” from the duo’s beloved True & Livin’ album. Several years later, when Amp remixed Radiohead’s In Rainbows (with the band’s blessing), the producer recruited Del for the re-imagination of “Video Tapes.” Both beat-makers have long bonded over geeking out about equipment, technique, and advancing the sound and style of the tightknit Bay Area music community. Once they injected their vibes into Radiohead (with a great response), something bigger formed. “That was probably kind of merged us, like ‘This works’,” says Amp. The producer, who has branched out to do a number of collaborative projects and dabble in different genres, started setting aside sketches of sound. As Del (who relentlessly tours with nearly 20 titles in his catalog) entered a rare idle moment, Amp slid him the tracks. “I was always with what Amp was doing,” Del says of his partner. “But I think he just started going even harder. It was just so raw. I didn’t even know it was gonna be like this.”


Del has made classic beloved Rap classics such as “Mistadobalina” and “Catch A Bad One,” in addition to trailblazing work with Gorillaz and Handsome Boy Modeling School. He aimed to focus his songwriting in a new way. Nearing 30 years as a professional, the Oakland MC has been studying Comedy and timing. “I’m trying to be more concise with my writing and my art in general. I told Amp about it, and he kind of showed me what his interpretation of that would be. When I heard it, I thought it was tight. I didn’t even know he was going to do it.” Amp, who has produced for a ranging cast that includes Bassnectar, Rebelution, and Too Short, presented Del with the beats. After selecting the 15 that have made the album, Amp tweaked and molded his creations to feel even more tailormade to his partner’s recording. “Del has been talking about doing more straightforward, aggressive writing. Everything that I was messing with kind of had the same theme,” he says of the tracks. “Even when I flipped them after, I tried to stay true to the original feeling.” Del further praises the post-production on the collaboration material. Using the small window of time in both artists’ careers and making something synergistic was a liberating experience. “The trust what Del has given me, it goes back and forth. That right there has made this a really fun project,” says Amp. “We’re both painting a picture and seeing where it goes.”


That picture looks bright. Guests on the Gate 13 affair include extended family Goapele and Eligh, as well as promising voices Simi, Zyme, Adult Karate, Mr. Micro, and James Melo. However, it is the two artists with long, never stagnant careers that hold the key to Gate 13. As they explore their overlapping chemistry and challenging music to a new place, this album may be another portal into something progressive, futuristic, and fun.

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