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The catalog of Cylid Publishing, the publishing entity of I.O.T Records, counts more than 500 works and thus a wide spectrum of aesthetics, always out of the beaten track. Our engine? To explore as best as we can all the different ways to defend the works of our catalog. From a background oriented electronic music, we work today as well lo-fi, hip-hop and beatmaking universe, as nu-soul and jazz of tomorrow. 


It is therefore natural that we wanted to develop our publishing activity, and this since 2014. Beyond the administrative registration of works and ensuring that artists recover their rights worldwide, our role is also to accompany the release of new projects by finding them new distribution opportunities, such as music on image.

The publishing activity, complementary to the production of musical projects, allows us to have an exhaustive view of the distribution potential of the works, while always being closer to our artists and their expectations.

We have, moreover, recently opened our business to other authors-composers than those signed on our label I.O.T Records.



7 tracks from DOOKOOM's discography for the documentary Mutant (52'). Biographical documentary on the leader of DOOKOOM Isaac Mutant, iconic hardcore rap band from Cape Town (South Africa).

'Tender Love' by Mounika. for the Google France campaign (Web & TV) launched in december 2020 and relaunched in 2021 with Tender Love (Remix)


'Oops' by Vince Staples featuring Yugen Blakrok, in 'Black Panther: The Album' produced by Kendrick Lamar, released February 9, 2018. Soundtrack from the Marvel Studios film Black Panther.

'Metamorphosis' by Yugen Blakrok & Kanif the Jhatmaster. Original creation for the video game Cyberpunk 2077 from the studio CD Projekt, launched in december 2020.


Yugen Blakrok and her track 'Pedestal' for a European-wide advertising campaign, launched in January 2022 on all channels and media (web, television, radio, public notices...).

Original soundtrack entirely composed by Mounika., for the film 'Le phasme et l'ortie' directed by Louis Faury. 

'She makes me feel' by Al'Tarba, in the Side Hits video directed by SCOTT Sports brand.


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