A$CII DAGGER (South Africa / USA)

Punk shit. Rap shit. Distortion. Waviness. Harmony. Beauty. Art. Mad Shows.

DOOKOOM as you knew it no longer exists. Isaac Mutant decided to pursue his goals outside of the band - and we wish him every success.

DOOKOOM has been a wild ride. We're proud of the music we've made and the message we've tried to bring through that music. We've had a lot of fun and we're thankful to every single person who came to our shows, bought our music, our merch, or just showed love.

The rest of the band (Human Waste, spo0ky and POTT$) will continue fuckin' shit up with our super-wavy friend, and newest recruit, Shamon Cassette as A$CII DAGGER, which means more hard-ass beats, distortion and mayhem coming your way ! We've got new music out very soon and, hopefully, we'll be in a city near you in the near future, so we'd love all of you to continue this wild ride with us. “ _ A$CII DAGGER Crew



A$CII DAGGER is reality distortion. A rap crew with punk energy and an art gallery aesthetic. An oxymoronic global collective with raw ferocity and laid back vibes riding an intergalactic wave. An audio-visual explosion in your ears and your soul. A$CII is code. Daggers are death. A$CII DAGGER is here to recode your system. You can pick your antidote, they a different animal.

/!\ WARNING /!\ The Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. It's time to ride the wave. Question everything, answers are the mission. The first instalment of the new wave is here. A$CII DAGGER opening 3rd eyes and channeling other dimensions with punk energy and art gallery aesthetics. You can't stand in the way of an 18-wheeler convoy. 


"Things aren't always what they seem, might wear the same jersey, not on the same team, you aura might glow but you're nothing like me."_ Shamon Cassette

"The daggers are A$CII, don't at me, come check me, infidels riding waves on jet skis." _ Human Waste

"Hungry like a wolf that only feeds on the rich." _ Shamon Cassette

"Toxic antidote, introspection is daunting, achieve clarity through alcohol absorption." - Human Waste

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Single : "Objects in the mirror"
Video : "Objects in the mirror"

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