Al' Tarba
Abstract Hip-Hop (France)

Abstrakt hip-hop , punk, electro swing ... there would be much to be lost if all facets of Al' Tarba not sketched a truly coherent and nuanced universe.


Native from Toulouse, this beatmaker will released his next album on I.O.T. records!

Bass Music, Techno, Dub (France)

Furiously Free Electron musical landscape multiplying projects as well in music and dance video, Loan has imposed a unique style, intense music with a constant purifies work on rhythmic, climates, echoes and textures ....

Lil Fish
Trip-Hop, Hip-hop, Bass Music (France)

This young talented beatmaker explores sampling and scratching through trip-hop, hip-hop, dub, dubstep and jungle to create his own universe....

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Rap, AfroPunk, Grime, Hardcore (South Africa)

A$CII DAGGER is reality distortion. A rap crew with punk energy and an art gallery aesthetic. An oxymoronic global collective with raw ferocity and laid back vibes riding an intergalactic wave. An audio-visual explosion in your ears and your soul. A$CII is code. Daggers are death. A$CII DAGGER is here to recode your system. You can pick your antidote, they a different animal.

Minimal Orchestra
Jazz electro (France)

Minimal Orchestra developed a hybrid style of jazz, hip hop and electronica as original unclassifiable, creating a sound of their own: a hybrid jazz at the intersections of the jungle and electronica, leaving free the two seasoned instrumentalists Us always share their communicative energy

Del The Funky Homosapien + Amp Live
Hip-hop  (USA)

Del The Funky Homosapien and Amp Live have teamed for Gate 13. The full-length collaborative album pairs the Hieroglyphics veteran and Grammy nominee with the Zion I and Unified Highway co-founder. As they explore their overlapping chemistry and challenging music to a new place, this album may be another portal into something progressive, futuristic, and fun.

Yugen Blakrok
Hip-hop  (South Africa)

A sorceress who casts hexes with words and sound waves, Yugen Blakrok emerges from the smoke filled dungeons of rap… Growing up in the Eastern Cape and influenced by the political/militant and spiritual aspects of Hip-Hop, her music is firmly rooted in the mind-set of the 90’s, a deep lyrical and audio odyssey into the world around us, both seen and unseen...

Azu Tiwaline
Polyrhythmic, Dub, Leftfield techno from Sahara  (Tunisia)

"Azu Tiwaline is a new name, for a bright new spirit that belongs to a music producer led by her need to seek a different sound, drawn from her origins, rooted in the Sahara and El Djerid region, in the south of Tunisia. This sound from the desert collects from Berber or Saharan transe music and connects the living Beings to the Nature, guiding the audience into a sweet yet deep introspection. This describes the vibe that goes though Azu Tiwaline’s music, the kind of music that one’s experiences more than just listens to, wrapping the audience’s body in a mystical sound colouring.

Sicarius Hahni
Techno, IDM (Italia)
Sicarius Hahni Press Pic 1.jpg

Sicarius Hahni was born and raised in Brindisi, an old italian sea town known as the "East Door" for its maritime connection to eastern world. Despite his cultural roots, as a child he was attracted to electronic sounds, overwhelmed at eight when he heard the Kraftwerk for the first time. Growing up, he followed industrial band like Coil, Clock DVA and Psychic TV, but also space music like Tangerine Dreams....

Trip-Hop / Hip-hop/ Electronica  (France)

In one image, Mounika.'s musical universe would be a rainy cloud which, between two showers, lets a summer sun shine through.

A melancholic and soft atmosphere emerges step by step when discovering the 9 tracks of this new project. A nostalgic journey taking us on a dreamlike and memorable stroll, swinging between happy memories and unfulfilled dreams ... 

Rap, AfroPunk, Grime, Hardcore (South Africa)
DOOKOOM (re).jpeg

Mutant Hip Hop Electro, Dookoom is a group member of Cape Town (South Africa).

Led by the charismatic Isaac Mutant, Dookoom shakes, provokes and challenges with committed and dark lyrics ....

Electronica, Noise, Breaks (France)

FENSHU is a Marseille producer who, for years, likes to explore the border between musical experience and computer programs. The result gives a singular music influenced by different kinds of electronic music and landscapes as well ambient as breakbeat.

I.O.T. All Stars

Babylone Joke, Midi Link, Arok, Feudjay, Pongoïd, Tetaar T.Wednesday.....

Many artists who have helped us build our history for over 10 years and have participated in our first few releases.

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